ZHU presents Billings Locomotive, Sees Him Performing With Full Band On A Moving Train

If there’s anything to be gained from quarantine live stream sets, it’s the impressive advancement of production value in just seven (very) long months. When things started, home streams were the norm with artists unsure about investing in expensive production equipment seeing as there was no way of knowing how long this situation would last. With no immediate end on the horizon, artists have streamed from incredible locations and with inventive ideas. From Chet Porter’s underwater set to Cercle’s unending list of glorious locales, no one has taken the live stream experience to heart more than ZHU.

With a few impressive streams already under his belt, ZHU’s latest live stream for Tito’s Made to Order Festival sees him performing with a live band on a moving train through the wide open spaces of Montana. The once mysterious and shrouded ZHU has taken well to showing his face and being the center of his shows, especially in quarantine. This new set is no different as he runs through his catalog with funky grace and some really amazing edits. Even starting the set with Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Real Train” has a nice symmetry to it. According to 1001tracklists, there’s also a new ID from ZHU at the 3-minute mark, possibly from his upcoming album teased earlier this year — though, with COVID, it’s possible that the album has been pushed back like so many others.

Check out the full set below!

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