ZHU Plays Remarkable Live Set In The Japanese Alps [MUST WATCH]

For his next trick, ZHU travels to the Japanese Alps to play a special, one-of-a-kind set for fans across the globe — and it’s captured live, in full! The performance, uploaded just hours ago, runs for nearly 2-hours as the renowned DJ/producer spins atop the Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort. With deep cuts and spectacular views, it’s no wonder the video has already racked up over a million plays on Facebook.

Cercle, the company behind this incredible spectacle, is known for curating the most unique and breathtaking electronic music experiences around the world. Check out more of their stunning live events here.

Don’t forget — “THE MOST CAPTIVATING PROJECT BY ZHU IS COMING THIS YEAR.” So keep an ear out for those IDs as we anticipate ZHU’s next album.

Watch below and enjoy!

ZHU Live @ Hakuba Iwatake

Photo via Rukes.com