ZHU Delivers Edgy Late Night Remix for Tinashe’s “Die A Little Bit” ft. Ms Banks

ZHU takes on Tinashe‘s “Die A Little Bit” featuring Ms Banks for the perfect late night dance/pop crossover. Laced with ZHU’s mysterious edge, “Die A Little Bit” comes across delightfully dark in this standout remix. The masterful producer pushes the tempo just a bit, emphasizing the beat and the song’s original intention for a bold, pronounced sound.

The overall tone, as well as the lyrics, are ideal for a club atmosphere:

Drink, smoke, dance, vibe a little bit
F**k, change, ride, die a little bit

ZHU previously teamed up with Tinashe for their sultry 2020 collaboration “ONLY,” also worth obsessing over.

Listen to ZHU’s “Die A Little Bit” remix here and compare with the original below.

Tinashe – Die A Little Bit ft. Ms Banks (ZHU Remix)

Photo via Rukes.com