Zheani releases single and music video for “LULU”

Whether you’re a music video fanatic, or a casual peruser of YouTube in general, you have most likely heard about the young girl from Australia who goes by the name Zheani. The recent news and attention surrounding her interactions with South African based group Die Antword have propelled her into YouTube fame, and spurred definite curiosity over just what this girl is all about.

With this latest release, “LULU,” Zheani comes out swinging. The video, with its vibrant animation and colorful optimism, is a seemingly direct counter-response to the draining and pressurized drama surrounding the DA situation. She commented to this point saying:

“I believe it is absolutely crucial to show strength in the face of adversity but putting my creative energy into a positive artwork like LULU is perhaps a way of tricking the matrix, so to speak.”

The track breeds a happy-go-lucky atmosphere, which is an interesting background for the often raw and super truthful lyrics the rapper is known for. Its charismatic and almost jubilant tone are enhanced with stimulating 3D visuals, and create a fun and lighthearted viewing, proving that she is staying above all the DA nonsense, and forging forward just doing her thing.

“The track is empowering, encouraging listeners to look inside themselves and discover their hidden magic.”

Check it out below.