Zeds Dead Release Catching Z’s (Remixes)

Zeds Dead’s acclaimed downtempo series Catching Z’s gets reimagined by IMANU x QUIET BISON, Pocket, and A-BO as part of this brand new remix pack. In addition to highlighting upcoming talent, tastemakers Zeds Dead set their intent by leading with an immersive, acoustic mix of “i think you’re cool” featuring Jenna Pemkowski. The ballad is backed by a piano and string orchestra, inducing feels and chills to the maximum degree.

The EP continues with two more fresh takes on “i think you’re cool.” The first from IMANU x QUIET BISON utilizes eccentric percussive elements and dreamy textures, while Pocket’s remix matches an upbeat, late night house groove with a twinkling soundscape. Last but not least, A-BO throws down a quirky rendition of Zeds Dead’s “lost birds” featuring Elliot Moss. Fluctuating synth work demands attention throughout, offering a final, refreshing perspective to vibe out to. Catching Z’s saw the Deadbeats duo expand into sonic realms they were always interested in exploring, also serving as the first official release from their newly launched experimental-minded label: Altered States.

Zeds Dead – Catching Z’s (Remixes)