Zeds Dead Enters The Spotify Studio And Releases The DNB Remix Of “Rudeboy” And “Fugue in D minor”

Zeds Dead had already released six new tracks this year before heading into the Spotify studio and whipping out a couple more, for which we are forever thankful. The duo’s “first, official release” was “Rude Boy,” which was released in 2010. All of their previous releases were just amazing remixes, such as their 2007 “Eyes on Fire” remix. As DC and Hooks phrased it, “miraculously,” they were able to uncover the stems and make an updated drum & bass version for 2022.

In addition, they produced a new cover of Bach’s “Fugue in D minor” (originally released in the 1700s, for those curious). With powerful drumming and a more atmospheric touch, wonderful staccato chords disrupt the classical melody and rhythm. Check out both tracks below!

— Zeds Dead (@zedsdead) September 29, 2022