Zedd & PewDiePie Bond Over Getting Banned In China


It’s crazy how social media can bring people together — and for the most random reasons. Even the unlikely pairing of Zedd and PewDiePie have bonded over getting banned in China. The controversial YouTube star known as PewDiePie took to Twitter to vent his frustrations about getting banned in China due to a bizarre copyright situation. That was explained in his new video upload here. Zedd recently went through a similar situation as well — you know, getting banned from China. All because he liked a South Park tweet. Zedd soon hit PewDiePie back, welcoming him to the club. PewDiePie also referenced Zedd in this video. We’re not saying they’re best friends or anything — but the internet is weird.

See the exchange below.

— Zedd (@Zedd) October 20, 2019

Source: Metro UK | Photo via Rukes.com