Zedd: “I just got permanently banned from China because I liked a South Park tweet.”

China right now is attracting hate from all corners. While protests in Hong Kong rage on, game developer Blizzard is drawing heat for banning players for their support of protesters, and even the NBA has become involved in sorts. Of course, one of the biggest offenders of the communist nation right now is animated series South Park, whose 300th episode spoke blatantly: “Fuck the Chinese government.”

The show has since been banned in China. And so has… Zedd?

According to the German/Russian producer, he was just permanently banned from China because he liked a South Park tweet.

— Zedd (@Zedd) October 11, 2019

— South Park (@SouthPark) October 10, 2019

Not directly offensive to China in any way; but, this is the episode in which Randy Marsh says, “Fuck the Chinese government.” So I suppose the Chinese government read between the lines. It’s unclear if this permanent ban is truly permanent, or might be lifted when protests conclude, whenever that might be. By Zedd’s tweet, however, he doesn’t seem remorseful about his actions.

Photo via Rukes.com