Zebbler Encanti Experience – End Trance EP

Wakaan has just put out a tasty new EP from the guys behind Zebbler Encanti Experience. Sounding supercharged from its first moments to the end is End Trance. It features four fresh tracks, and features Mr. Bill on its final piece. You can count on the opening and title track to get the mood going. Steady, smoothly developing beats offset its rugged bass notes perfectly. Next up is ‘Trance End,’ a stormier blend that starts to pick up the pace. ‘Outside The Box’ brings about a more melodically focused vibe, and the peak of the EP comes via ‘Inside The Box’ – featuring Mr. Bill.

ZEE say: “Aside from being our debut EP for Wakaan, it charts new stylistic territories… this release revisits many classic dubstep womps, but also borrows from the fresher neurostep sound, all mixed up. Conceptually, the idea behind End Trance is to break the trance—snapping you violently back to reality. This is very ZEE. In our sonic realm of psychedelic music where artists want to put you in a trance, ZEE is here to wake you from the trance.”