ZAXX Drops Atmospheric New Single “Stay Here”

It’s a wonderful thing in this streaming and social media age that an artist can announce out of nowhere, “Dropping a single in 3 days!” and the world listens. Zaxx just dropped his new song “Stay Here” via Proximity and we’re definitely here listening.

“Stay Here” is a wonderfully melodic song, but not in the way you’d expect. While the melody in a song generally plays support for a lead synth or drum loop or more emphatic drop, the one in this song plays first string and gets the touchdowns and the girl at the end, too. There’s a short bridge in the middle of the track, to give it a bit of variety, but then it’s straight back to the melody. To put everything on one element of the track is risky — you’re betting on all listeners loving that melody and nothing else, because there isn’t much else. Thankfully, the melody in “Stay Here” hits all the right chords and I don’t have a problem listening over and over again. Check it out below.