Zack Martino Release Of His Electronica-Infused Punk Single “Snow White” Music Video feat. Kyle Reynolds

2021 has been an exciting year for Staten Island-native Zack Martino. The Armada signee is hot off the release of his electronica-infused punk single “Snow White,” a modern rock anthem inspired by the artist’s musical influences. Now, “Snow White” receives an enthralling music video accompaniment.

Stepping into a day of the life of a girl experiencing a breakup, the video follows the character as she attempts to make the best of the situation by attending a pool party where Zack Martino is performing. As the video progresses, the party intensifies with a jubilant energy that can be felt through the screen as Kyle Reynolds’ vocals and Zack Martino’s masterful production soar in the background. “This record’s about falling for someone who just isn’t ready for a relationship,” says Zack Martino on his new single. “It’s a toxic tale about how a girl wants to fit in when she’s losing sight of reality.”

Doubling as the perfect post-breakup song as well as an excitable party soundtrack, “Snow White” glistens with its undeniably addictive rhythm and carefree ardor. Teaming up with producer Reed Hoeschler (Rightfield), Zack Martino and Kyle Reynolds create a modern punk anthem for the 21st century. Check out the music video for “Snow White” below, and stream the single on your favorite platform here.