Your interview with SVDDEN DEATH before the sacred ship! 2019

Many artists had an excellent year in 2018, among them SVDDEN DEATH, dubstep and riddim artist. (Yes, we are now differentiating between riddim and dubstep.) Although SVDDEN DEATH is not new on the scene, thanks to tours with Snails and Borgore and many festival bookings, his influence has grown year .

In 2019, SVDDEN DEATH will embark on his first sacred ship! in January. Before the big day – which will be ready in just a few weeks – we interviewed the young blaster at the bass blaster to ask him questions about his past year, what he expected in 2019 and more.

Listen to his latest EP, VOYD Vol 1, and keep scrolling through the screen to read our interview below.

At the end of the year, what do you know now that you would have liked to know for 12 months?

I would like to know that the flat land is real and I have not spent all my time thinking about sitting on a big ball of ass.

What kinds of experiences do you expect in 2019?

I am really excited for all the festivals in which I participate and for the sacred ship at the beginning of the year. I'm really happy to bring new elements to my live performances.

Speaking of a sacred ship, are you excited? Have you ever had a cruise before?

I have never made a cruise or a ship of this caliber. I learned to sail in small ships but at the end of the day I am terrified by the ocean lol. There are squid in there. I'm really excited to be aboard the ship, but all I've heard is that it's a senseless experience.

There are so many bass artists on your boat that do you think you can do an impromptu B2B?

I'd like to b2b with my boy snails.

You have just made a remix for Marshmello & Bastille. Were you a fan of the original?

I am a big fan of the original and I was really happy to give my own idea. I put a lot of effort into the remix and sound it at a quarter of the speed of the original, while adding new melodic and heavy elements. Overall, I am really satisfied with the result.

What plans do you have for your music in 2019?

Voyd vol 2.

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