Your Grandma’s Sunglass Chains Are Actually Stylish Now

Calculator watches, fanny packs, thick black glasses, suspenders: There have been a number of stereotypical nerdy accessories that have gotten fashion-forward makeovers in the last few years and, thanks in large part to Instagram, have become trends. The latest to hit our feeds are granny-style sunglass chains, which happen to have practical value in addition to quirky appeal.

“Honestly, it’s just as practical as the belt bag trend you fought against and look at you now — you probably love it,” says fashion stylist Kim Dunn. “Sunglass chains were a hit during Paris Fashion Week in March 1992 as part of the Chanel ready-to-wear collection; now it’s happening again and, just like your sunnies, you can accommodate your wallet with high-to-low pricing.”

Dunn adds that from a practical standpoint, this will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars replacing lost sunglasses — in case you need an excuse to splurge on the newfangled Chanel version of this trend.

“There’s really no right or wrong way to slay sunglass chains, just throw them on your glasses and go,” says Dunn. “If you’re so particular that you need an ensemble for your glasses’ chain, then layer on a few metal or beaded necklaces for a more blended look. The attention will come your way, trust me.