Your EDM Video Premiere: Dirty Chime’s Stark ‘5150’ Brings Awareness to Mental Health With a Comedic Twist [Video]

Dirty Chime is an LA-based artist whose unique fusion of chill, jazzy R&B with even chiller EDM beats is just starting to crack the surface of both the indie and EDM worlds. With his first three singles “Sleepover” (featured on the 2019 Miami Beats compilation), “Halo” and “Fragile Beings”, Dirty Chime has explored the subtle emotional elements of human existence but his next single “5150” seeks to go even deeper into our damaged collective psyche.


Your EDM has the biting video premiere for “5150” and the imagery in said video certainly ratchets up the commentary Dirty Chime is trying to make with the track. In the artist’s own words: “We are in the midst of a mental health epidemic. Doctors give out pills like LA cops give out traffic tickets. And yet no one likes a lecture, so instead I present to you a tale of straitjackets tightened and tables turned.”

While there’s a bit of comedy in both the song and the video, Mr. Chime is seeking to make a serious statement with his smooth and effortless musical style. Relatable content? Here it is folks. Despite being a bit tongue-in-cheek in terms of delivery (we are currently in a post-meta media phase, after all), there’s a lot to unpack here: the diminishing of mental health issues by popular culture until it’s too late a’la “bitches be crazy”, the victimization of those with mental health struggles via that cultural mentality and the galvanizing of it all with over-medication by the medical industry, for a start.

The video, while cute, colorful and fun, makes a real statement of the current prescription drug culture (especially in seemingly glamorous Hollywood) and the stigma surrounding those who reach out for help. The fact is that every human psyche is fragile and no one is immune to having a bad time of it mental health-wise. Dirty Chime’s council here: even if you haven’t experienced what it’s like to have a mental health challenge in this day and age, if the tables were turned would you fare any better in the current system?

To make such a serious statement as “5150” does with sensitivity, artistry and even humor exposes Dirty Chime as more than just a beatmaker with a smooth voice, stylistic diversity and a cool aesthetic. This track and video will have both Dirty Chime’s current following and his inevitable new fans sitting up to listen more closely to the content of what he’s saying. A champion for human kindness and a technically clean artist with an already well-developed style, Dirty Chime is definitely one to watch in the coming months and years. But in the meantime, just watch this video.

“5150” the single is out now and can be streamed on Dirty Chime’s Spotify or on Apple Music. Also be sure to check out his upcoming unisex EDM-inspired clothing line, SVCRED.

Featured photo cred: Jennica Mae

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