Your EDM Preview: Neosignal Announces Part 2 of Their ‘X’ Ten-Year Remix Compendium

Is anyone else still sore from the blast of high-grade neurofunk remixes that came from part one of the Neosignal X remix album? Well, with that gun still smoking, the imprint are pressing on with part 2, already due out at the end of this month on May 29. It will feature remixes of Neisognal classics by Mefjus, Culprate, Buunshin, Yunis and our premiere today, the Joe Ford remix of Phace and Misanthrop’s neuro anthem, “Energie.” Strap in.


The original mix of “Energie” sort of blew the DnB when it was released in 2011 with its crazy intro which took up half the track dropped into the main beat with no buildup, its thundering drum loops, basically no break and an unexpected outro that went from abject silence to ambient sound design to 80s synths before ending in a turntable powerdown. Structure-wise, it turned DnB on its ear but despite its complexity it is still regularly played in clubs today, eight years later.

Speaking of turning things on their ear, that’s what Joe Ford has done with his remix of “Energie.” The intro is shorter than the original while the track itself is a full minute longer. The sine wave structure of the synths is accentuated, blown out and is shifted over to the downbeat rather than having a quarter beat pause. These may seem like subtle differences but they make the track sound like it has a totally different synth melody. With regard to the famed double-barrel drum loop of the original, Ford has rearranged that as well, removing it from every bar and re-inserting slightly different versions of it at the phrase transitions.

The famed silence-cum-sound design-cum-80s synth outro is revampped as a break with yet again more blown out, cinematic-sounding synths. Ford then tacks about of extra minute onto the end of the track, using the classic stems to create two new beat structures: one that has the same phrasing at the original and a second that’s more minimal and deconstructs the famed sine wave synth even further. The two new structures loop around each other until the end, where the track drops off suddenly with an ambient flourish.

The Joe Ford version of “Energie” is a masterful remix of the original and, not that we needed any more portends of what’s to come in part two of X, is a great indication of the level of quality that will continue to roll out from this anniversary remix celebration from Neosignal. It stands to reason, after all, that the remixes would have to be absolute fire to stand up to the jaw-dropping originals. As the first preview of X part two, Joe Ford has more than lived up to the task.

Part two of the X anniversary EP series from Neosignal will release on May 29. It can be pre-ordered. Make sure to check out the original of “Energie” in the player below to compare these two bangers.

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