Your EDM Premiere: Where Does Posij Find the Time? Check Out The Trippy ‘Alien Dweep’ [Vision]


Everyone in the drum & bass and larger bass music worlds now about the announcement Noisia made last week about their split but if their release schedule is anything to go by, the trio’s Vision label will not be affected by the news any time soon. It certainly hasn’t slowed down Posij, who still works on the Noisia Radio podcast, released the mad and beautiful Cocoon LP on Noisia’s experimental bass label Division in May and is now about to release an equally beautifu D&B EP on Vision called Pulp. Not to mention he’s got a collab track with Former on his White Field EP. That’s an awful lot of Posij bass in just a few months, not that we’re complaining; just wondering how he get it all done.


Pulp is out this week on September 25 and Division have already released the jazzy and somewhat analog streaming track “Derivative” as a teaser but Your EDM was able to get one more exclusive stream of “Alien Dweep,” a trippy, snare-heavy track that showcases Posij’s weird and wonderful composition but also still slaps for the dancefloor. For those who were beginning to wonder if Posij was going to really go full experimental after Cocoon, worry not.

In addition to “Alien Dweep” and “Derivative,” Pulp also features another slap-happy techno-influenced track called “Drive” and for those wondering where Posij’s experimental side went, there’s “A Car That Cranks” which sees him playing around with sound design as much as he ever has.

That’s not to say that the other tracks don’t have that experimental vein in them too. “Alien Dweep” sounds like the phrase transitions are sample sounds of radio static and other noises modded out to sound like a secondary synth, so there must have been some tinkering there. The primary synth is minimal and just as chunky as the other ambient noises. The sound design is a funky, glorious and intentional mess that’s layered over an equally funky but extremely tight synth-driven drum line.

It’s pretty clear from Cocoon and now Pulp that Posij will be making wacky, slappy beats no matter what happens to the Noisia labels and he’s definitely earned his place in both the wider bass spectrum and in drum & bass. It’s no easy feat, especially with the rate at which he’s releasing. Posij continues to be an asset to any label he’s on.

Pulp will be out this Wednesday, September 25 on Vision Recordings. Check out the streaming “Derivative” and pre-order here.

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