Your EDM Premiere: Sparkee Drops Funky ‘Discovery’ EP [Westwood Records]

If you’re looking for something to get you in the mood to have a great weekend, this EP is for you. It’s the latest from Canadian artist Sparkee, titled ‘Discovery‘, that’s loaded with 4 groovy tracks that can’t help but make you want to bop your head and dance. Before the release of Discovery, Sparkee found himself developing a specific sound and took this EP has an opportunity to get out of his comfort zone.


 “Want Your Love” kicks off the EP with a nostalgic, disco-esque vibe reminiscent of disco balls and rollerskating rinks. It’s driven with a thumping four on the floor beat as swirling synths and a bright electric guitar ride forefront. The second track, “The Kids” stood as the single for this EP and is a fun disco and pop fusion featuring the beautiful vocals of Liinks. “Feelin’ Right” featuring Def3, shifts things in a different direction, introducing an old-school hip hop element. It seems like a track Nate Dogg & or Snoop could have featured on. “Home” closes out the EP in a smooth fashion, featuring a nice piano progression while a clean guitar solo rides you out.

“The opening track, Want Your Love, is kind of a tongue-in-cheek reference to a girl ghosting me; just a fun vocal hook based on a modern problem we can all relate to. The funky hip hop track I did with Def3 definitely continues those fun and positive vibes and will have you Feelin’ Right as the track title suggests. Along with discovering and exploring some of my own musical capabilities while creating this EP, I want the listener to experience it as a cohesive body of work and discover what I’m all about as an artist. That’s why I’ve called it Discovery.” -Sparkee

Sparkee definitely struck gold on this EP, and we’re excited to premiere this for you! Stream it below and add it to your playlists!

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