Your EDM Premiere: SHARPS x Moore Kismet – Mutant [Never Say Die]

What were you doing when you were 14? I was still addicted to Maple Story, had barely thought about my future, and was most concerned about that one girl who sat two rows back from me in Geology. Moore Kismet, on the other hand, is a testament to developing your dreams early and pursuing them to the best of your abilities.


Out today from SHARPS and Moore Kismet on Never Say Die (Moore’s first big label release) is “Mutant.” It’s short, at just 2 minutes 25 seconds, but it’s incredibly dense with sound design and wild energy. There’s not much melody to speak of, but this doesn’t feel like a track that you’d sit at home and listen to with a cup of tea anyhow. “Mutant” is much more the type of tune you blast at a house party when you want people to get extra rowdy.

Expect way more from both SHARPS and Moore Kismet this year! Listen to “Mutant” below, out now on NSD.

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