Your EDM Premiere: Riggi & Piros – LaLaLa


For plenty of my life, I’ve been underneath the impression that I hate home music. While that’s usually true, it’s not the entire image. You see, there are a lot of various sorts of home music, and the stuff I didn’t like, to me, felt devoid of soul. It was that membership home music you hear if you first enter a membership, the generic untz-untz stuff. But the excessive vitality selection? Love it.

Riggi & Piros are out tomorrow with their new excessive vitality banger “LaLaLa,” and I’m all about it. It’s suspenseful, it has an precise track construction, and hundreds and a great deal of vitality. It’s an fascinating midway level between future home and bass home; it has the form of swinging swagger of future home with plenty of the angle of bass home, a fusion I can actually get behind.

“We wanted to make a banger that would go off in sets for festival season. We’re really looking forward to the peer support on this one.” – Riggi & Piros

I’d say mission achieved. Check out “LaLaLa” from Riggi & Piros beneath!

via youredm

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