Your EDM Premiere: Rich Delinquent Gives Impressive Performance With Debut Single, “Death Drive”


We’re always on the hunt for artists who release high quality music, and vocalist/producer Rich Delinquent is a perfect representation. He’s sensational, providing incredible dynamic between both his voice and his production. We’re thrilled to premiere his debut single, “Death Drive”, that emerges from the wreckage of a tattered ‘90s sports car with a dramatic blend of emo and electronic sensibilities to drown your sensations. 


Complemented by a neon-soaked music video that brings his chaotic ethos from within inches of death to full-fledged life, bloodied and broken and surrounded by rubble but still singing with intense passion, it’s a compelling opening statement covered in symbols that establishes a world for listeners to immerse themselves within. You are truly in for a ride when you listen to “Death Drive”.

Strap in and listen to Rich Delinquent’s “Death Drive” below!

via youredm

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