Your EDM Premiere: Random Movement Remixes Composure’s Hit ‘Listen’ [Divination Recordings]

Divination has been coming out strong for the U.S. talent this year, with all original tracks by some of the great undiscovered DnB producers in this great land. One of the highlights of the Divination catalog thus far has been the track “Listen” by Composure, a relative newcomer. Now Divination are announcing the remix of this upstart track by East Coast liquid veteran, Random Movement.


The original “Listen” was a surprisingly complex track with a smoothed out feel and lots of sinewave manipulation when it came to the synths. It showed that though new to the scene, Composure has the compositional maturity and innovative vision to stand up to producers who’ve been making tracks three times as long.

Random Movement’s remix, while still in the liquid wheelhouse, is definitively more steppy than the original. He’s clarified the vocal stem so that it’s more in the foreground of the track, where he’s also added some funky synths. The phrase transitions also have some added funk, making the track more of an old school dancefloor vocal track than the esoteric, ambient-heavy track Composure started with.

Both the original and Random Movement’s new remix of listen are clean and well-produced, so pick your poision: trippy, darker ambient sinewave sound design or steppy, danceable and vocal forward. with these two producers and their flawless skills it’s just more about mood.

“Listen” Random Movement remix will be out on Divination Recordings May 2 on Beatport exclusive and May 16 on other platforms.

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