Your EDM Premiere: PYLOT – Faded Light

Throughout the synthwave explosion of the 2010s, few artists in the genre have been able to intrigue me as much as PYLOT.

My interest in PYLOT came about, not only because of the mystery of the producer behind the project (or even the stream of consistently good releases that were being put out under the “PYLOT” moniker, for that matter), but because artists who are as attentive to concept, story and lore as PYLOT are few and far between.

As a matter of fact, PYLOT has always been more of a character than a typical “music producer.” For those unfamiliar, PYLOT is the protagonist of a story that began taking shape over four years ago. Starting with “After Dark” (released on Monstercat), each of PYLOT’s releases were accompanied by journal entries that guided listeners through a completely new world, allowing them to make discoveries and meet new characters as the protagonist did.

Even with PYLOT going independent following the release of the Shadowtask EP, one thing remained consistent across all releases: the story. Label or not, PYLOT continued writing journal entries that helped thrust the character –and project– forward in a meaningful way, whilst also enticing and captivating listeners at every corner.

PYLOT recently joined the FiXT Neon roster –which currently houses artists like Scandroid, Sunset Neon and Fury Weekend– and it looks like, thankfully, things haven’t changed. Gearing up for the release of his second studio EP Solai, PYLOT has taken the liberty of giving listeners a taste of what is undoubtedly the next big arc in his narrative. Click here if you’d like to take a read.

Solai drops in full this Friday, March 22nd, but we’ve teamed up with FiXT to give our readers an early listen of the EP’s fourth track “Faded Light.”

Though more subtle and relaxed than most entries in PYLOT’s discography (and also the lengthiest), “Faded Light” is a huge highlight from the EP nonetheless. Following on the heels of the much more heavy-set “Alice” and “Lost,” the song will sure catch listeners off guard with the beautifully atmospheric piano in the intro, as well as some light acoustic guitar strumming.

“Faded Light” also manages to intricately weave in layers of blissful melodies and retro beats that make the song out to be a true synthwave masterpiece, albeit a little bit outside the typical synthwave formula. Definitely not a track to miss out on!

Pre-order the Solai EP here and listen to “Faded Light” below:

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