Your EDM Premiere: New Duo Decline of Day Highlights the ‘American Beauty’ in DnB [Divinaion]

The pr for this new track from Southern California production duo Decline of Day (Caelum and P-Wave) should begin with the old Monty Python sketch intro, “and now for something completely different). Decline of Day’s first track together is called “American Beauty” and it’s due out on Divination Recordings this Thursday, June 20 and it truly is something completely different.


Those who know Caelum and P-Wave from the LA scene will know that minimal, synth-driven DnB is not usually their bag but that’s the core of “American Beauty.” The track sees the two artists experimenting a lot with synths and different wave forms, creating a number of layers to the melodies. The ambient sound design weaves in and out of said multiple melodies in what could be called several shifts and in many places it seems as though these ambient sound waves drive the track rather than the beat or the melody. The whole effect is deep, trippy and esoteric.

“American Beauty” leaves a lot of wide open space between the drums and bass, the synth and the phrase-connecting soundwaves which gives the track a minimal feeling but in fact there is more happening than meets the ear. The composition here is rich, experimental and nuanced, not unlike the track’s namesake.

Listening to “American Beauty,” one can truly experience the feeling of traversing the wide open natural spaces of the American landscape, which is this country’s true beauty. Caelum and P-Wave as Decline of Day are definitely am outfit to keep an eye on for new innovative releases.

“American Beauty” will release on Divination Recordings on June 20 on Beatport.

via: youredm

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