Your EDM Premiere: NCS ‘Elevates’ Pop Bass Music With Besomorph, Coopex and Riell

NCS has been well known in bass music for a number of years now, giving a unique releasing structure to artists who have unique sounds but may not fit in a specific niche. With their upcoming Elevate compilation, NCS is once again doing something unique with both its artists and its releases. Elevate has been slowly released in singles over the course of the month of May so that each artist can get their chance in the spotlight and also so that fans can decide what tracks they like before buying the whole album. This also exposes some of these more experimental artists to NCS’s larger pop audience.


If you’re in the electronica trap world then Besomorph and Coopex should need no introduction but the their collab track “Redemption” feat. up-and-coming pop vocalist Riell will surprise said trap fans and thus is definitely worthy of a Your EDM premiere. While the beat in this track is still along trap lines, the synths and bass straddle EDM-style trap and more pop-tinged future bass. It’s possible that Besomorph and Coopex were inspired to give the track a bit more of a pop feel because of Riell’s beautiful and inspired lyrics.

It’s interesting that the two producers have given “Redemption” a structure that’s both pop and EDM. The intro and break also contain Riell’s verses, where the EDM synths and melody also comprise her chorus. It really depends which style is heard based on how it’s listened to: in a rave setting the main track is the synths and beats but in a radio setting the main track is the vox. Very tricky, Besomorph and Coopex; it’s also very smart.

“Redemption” is just one track in a myriad of wonderfully produced tracks of various styles on Elevate. The compilation has a little something for every taste, future bass that’s even more pop-driven than this track all the way to deep bass underground halftime trap that even the most niched-out DnB head would enjoy. NCS is once again truly “elevating” what’s possible in the world of crossover bass music.

The full Elevate compilation LP will release in full on May 31 but many of the tracks are already to purchase on Beatport, including “Redemption” which releases today, May 25. Select tracks are also available to stream on Spotify.

via: youredm

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