Your EDM Premiere: Lucille Croft x TMRRW “Walk In The Rave” [LISTEN]

So, Lucille Croft and TMRRW walk into a rave…


The two producers have teamed up for an epic new collab, properly titled “Walk In The Rave,” out now via Kannibalen Records. With a go hard or go home mindset, they manage to perfectly set the scene and provide an escape to an imaginative underground rave with every play through.

Hitting an immediate stride, “Walk In The Rave” moves forward with intention. Alluring vocals are designed to draw you in and an intriguing build amplifies the tension. Still, there’s no way to tell where this track is heading — until it explodes. Grimy electro energy meets blasting bass, making for a dynamic, adrenaline-fueled listener experience.

“Walk In the Rave” gives off that familiar feeling of being at the mercy of the music. Nothing else matters except the sound coming through the speakers. All there is left to do is — you guessed it — rave.

We’re thrilled to present this new collab. Listen and link up with Lucille Croft and TMRRW below.

Lucille Croft x TMRRW – Walk In The Rave

Get it:

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