Your EDM Premiere: Lucii Celebrates Musical Freedom with “DANCE” [LISTEN]

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing — stop right now and take a moment to “DANCE.” Lucii‘s latest single just hit Wakaan and it’s enough reason to dance like no one is watching.


“DANCE” serves as followup to Lucii’s beautifully produced original and label debut “Neptune.” This time, she’s piling on the low-end surges and heavy-hitting notes, all laced with just a tinge of electronica to set the mood right.

The new single reminds of that same feeling you get when you hear the first song that made you fall in love with dance music. Perhaps for some, “DANCE” will be that catalyst.

Lucii explains the making of “DANCE” in saying:

I really enjoy music that gives me a sense of freedom. I wanted to try and capture that idea of being present and in the moment, enjoying the people, places and situation you are currently in. Allowing all your fears and insecurities to melt away because of how great you feel listening to music: dancing and living in that moment.

Listen here and follow Lucii’s lead.

Lucii – “DANCE”

Get it:

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