Your EDM Premiere: Lizzy Jane Drops Trap-Infused “Illusion” On Nightenjin [LISTEN]


Lizzy Jane makes a strong impression with her latest creation, “Illusion,” out now on Nightenjin.


Though there is some obvious trap influence here, “Illusion” exists in a world all its own. During which, Jane manages to transcend time and space and defy genre, all in one seemingly effortless sweep. Bursting with rich, layered synths and creative sound design, it’s possible to hear or see something brand new with every play through. It’s all in the details.

Above all else, “Illusion” rocks constant mystery and intrigue, and conveys real emotion. There’s unique timing and movement at work here, as the rising producer explores new, untapped territory through her sound.

Listen here and link up with Lizzy Jane below. This definitely won’t be the last time you hear from her.

Lizzy Jane – Illusion

Get it:

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