Your EDM Premiere & Interview: PhaseOne – Crash & Burn ft. Northlane


With his Transcendency LP on the horizon, PhaseOne is about to create some serious waves in this first half of 2019. The renowned Australian producer and DJ burst onto the scene back in 2013 and has been dealing some massive bangers ever since.

Alongside a chat with him about this upcoming project, we have the pleasure of premiering one of the album tracks today. The gripping ‘Crash & Burn’ ft. Northlane is a must-hear – packed with emotionally driven vocals from Northlane alongside his usual weighty delivery.

Take a listen below – and check out what PhaseOne had to say right here…

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us! If you had to describe your musical style for someone who hadn’t heard your stuff before, how would you sum it up?

No worries! The best way to describe the PhaseOne sound is take all your nostalgia of your teenage years listening to metal/metalcore and blend that with the heavy current sounds of dubstep/EDM.

What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned since you started making music?

The most important lesson for me at this stage in my career I think is to really appreciate the time you have off in between touring and writing, to be human for a while and ground yourself, often which helps for inspiration with composition too.

Where did it start for you? Do you remember what first got you into wanting to create music?Did you grow up listening to bass music? What made you fall in love with it?

I took a fond interest in the piano and guitar when I was a toddler. Ever since then it’s just always been my passion. I played in several different bands throughout my teenage years, and studied Audio Engineering in 2007. I then discovered dubstep in 2010/11 having never really listened to much electronic music before – but I immediately started messing around with EDM production. The next minute it became my full time job.

Who or what are you currently really into, music-wise?

The collab with Northlane was a long time coming, I’ve known the guys personally for many years, and after several failed attempts to make it happen on other tunes (which were never released) I finally wrote the right track for Marcus to sing on – and he smashed it.

We’re happy to premiere ‘Crash & Burn’ today! What did you want to achieve when you started working on it? Are you happy with the finished product?

The best thing for me with this project was getting to experiment with different genres and production styles. Everyone loves a dubstep EP, and this album has that within it and more, where I was able to show the diversity in my production.

What has been particularly memorable about creating your new LP?

I think the cohesiveness of the album says a lot about the thought and attention to detail that I put into creating the whole thing and anything I’m passionate about in life. There a songs that blend together from outro to intro and little motifs that reoccur throughout the album and just overall most of the songs are quite complex in terms of sounds and layering.

Could you share a random fact about yourself with us?

Random fact: I can crack almost every bone in my body, lol.

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