Your EDM Premiere: Henry Fong & Rawtek – Irie ft. Craigy T

henry fong

You can have a song with a super high BPM feel like it has no energy, or you could have a slow song filled with emotional power. Finding the middle ground where energy and tempo mesh perfectly is a fine line, but Henry Fong and Rawtek have absolutely nailed it with their new collaboration, “Irie.”


“Irie” calls back to Fong’s roots with help from Craigy T on vocals, bringing a true Caribbean vibe to the tune. It’s those big horns ahead of the drop and the tone of Craigy’s vocals that gives this track its identity, but it’s the drop that makes me stay for more. That high-energy, high-tempo is sure to have simply everyone jumping and grinning ear to ear when they hear it.

“I had so much fun collaborating with Rawtek and Craigy T, and we really believe in the potential of the record. We wanted to add our own tropical twist to the UK bassline house sound, and it seems to be a crowd favorite every time it’s played out!” – Henry Fong

No surprise there! Check out “Irie” from Henry Fong & Rawtek featuring Craigy T below. It’s out everywhere tomorrow via Thrive Music!

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