Your EDM Premiere: Fortu & Mendoza X Lucho X ATL – The Youth

Americans tend to be a little xenocentric, whether intentional or not. But if dance music has taught us anything, it’s that it’s a truly global phenomenon. Hailing from Mexico City, rising producers Lucho x Fortu & Mendoza remind us of that fact with their new song “The Youth,” featuring ATL.


“The Youth” is an anthem to the young and restless, the ones still looking for their place in the world. With its bright melodies and poppy rhythm, it exudes positivity and hopefulness, all while being musically engrossing and wildly enjoyable to listen to.

The new song from Lucho x Fortu & Mendoza featuring ATL is officially out tomorrow, but we have the exclusive premiere for you a bit early. Listen below now!

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