Your EDM Premiere: EDDIE – Nein [mau5trap]

Rare are the moments that you’d find me anywhere techno at a festival or local event, but if EDDIE was playing… I might just drop in. He’s got a new EP called Disembodied coming out tomorrow on mau5trap, but Your EDM has the exclusive premiere of “Nein” here and now.


This is what I consider the highlight of the EP, the grittiest, gnarliest, fiercest out of the bunch. The melody keeps it from monotony and that typical techno burnout when there’s only a kick drum ad nauseum. “Nein” shares similarities more closely with electro and progressive house than it does with traditional techno, but there are definitely elements to be found of it, as well.

“Nein” in particular has the sort of suspense and release that you might find in an epic movie fight scene a la John Wick or any Jason Statham film. Imagine, if you will, every hit of the kick is another foe getting bodied and sent to the ground. The energy is palpable, and that’s the main reason I could listen to this track over and over and over.

Check out “Nein” below and keep an eye out for the full EP tomorrow!

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