Your EDM Premiere: Droptek Finally Dropping New LP ‘Symbiosis’ and Yes, It Was Worth the Wait [Korsakov]

It really can’t be understated the influence Droptek has had on drum and bass and even bass music as a whole over the last seven years or so but somehow it kind of does get understated. This is possibly because Droptek himself is a pretty private and humble guy and maybe doesn’t even know his own skill, which is easily on par with other reclusive greats like Current Value and Misanthrop. He also likes to take large breaks, of which the past year or so has been one. With the exception of a track on Korsakov’s compilation album last year, Droptek hasn’t released since his Fracments EP with Monstercat. All of that’s about to change.

It’s a very good thing, it seems, that Droptek hooked up with Korsakov to release his track “OK” on last year’s The Kosrakov Compilations vol. 1 because it precipitated the Symbiosis LP into being. Due out April 9, it will be yet another game-changer from Droptek. Korsakov knows it, Your EDM know it, and now the bass music community at large are about to feel it.

Symbiosis opens with a short intro track “The Expanse” which is meant to immerse the listener to all the mad synth sounds, mods and distortions that are to come on this LP. From there it launches into pure bass music perfection. We say bass music because it’s not all DnB; this is a true crossover album with halftime, DnB, dubstep and even some subtle riddim all present and accounted for. It’s heavy, hard and synthy right the way through but with lots of variance and even some really beautiful melodies.

One such beautiful melody is contained within our premiere for today, “Extrapolate.” This short song has a clean, basic DnB beat with equally clean snares but the melodic work on the synths is really what makes this track a heart-stomper as well as a chin-scratcher. The main melody sees something standard in DnB elevated to sublime levels: a beautiful melody composed with crunchy, metallic-sounding neuro-tinged synths will created an emotion in the listener they didn’t even know existed. We all know that synth; it’s usually done in low registers in neuro and hard/techy tracks to get those jaws clenching and aggressive skanks happening on the dancefloor but what happens when they’re pitched up and used to make something more musical? Droptek’s managed to “Extrapolate” the answer, and it’s breathtaking.

Something that’s always really striking with Droptek’s work – and it’s why he does have such influence over DnB sound whenever he drops a release – is the razor sharp and squeaky clean sound design and engineering in every track. In the face of so much distortion, crunchy synths and brain-scrambling phrase transitions, the quality of every bit of a track is always spot on. Nothing is left hanging or, to say it another way, it seems like no piece of his work was sacrificed for the sake of another piece. All the parts of each song work in perfect Symbiosis.

Symbiosis is a must, must, must cop and is due out on Korsakov April 9th.

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