DJ Rap Is a Human ‘Supernova,’ but We Already Knew That [Propa Talent]

For “Supernova,” the next single in the series DJ Rap has been releasing since August, fans will see her switch gears with a hard turn towards the melodic and steppy. Featuring vocalist Deanna, “Supernova” is out today on her Propa Talent imprint and once again combines classic Rap style with new and exciting sounds.

With “Cobra” and “Dark Places” had Rap been lacing OG D&B elements like fast timing, amen-inspired snares and lots of change-ups with heavy, dark synths and even heavier, aggressive ambient sound design. “Supernova” takes a hard and pointed turn mostly with the addition of vocals from singer Deanna, whose voice demands a bit of a softer touch on the higher registers of the track’s sound design.

That said, the drum track is still heavy on the whip-fast snares that have become characteristic of this series of singles from Rap. She also uses some mega torked amen breaks for the phrase transitions. The synths are also melodic but done at a very low pitch, adding a surprising touch to the track that allows it to be steppy and fast but not drown out the vocals. Normally one would think that the high-pitched vox and such low-pitched synths would contrast and fight against each other but instead they carry each other along through the track to keep things moving. To make these elements all work together it’s all about the mixdown and Rap once again shows she’s more than up to the job with “Supernova.”

While “Supernova” ends this series of summer singles with a “big bang,” fans shouldn’t expect too much lag time from Propa Talent. Be on the lookout her “Back to the Future” remix series in November, among other things from the label. “Supernova” is out today on Propa Talent and can be streamed or purchased here.