Your EDM Premiere: DIVISION Brings Arigto Back With their ‘Deformed Perception’

Arigto have been featured twice now on DIVISION records’ Partial series, and it seems everyone including Noisia thought they deserve an EP. Out tomorrow on DIVISION, Blind Immaterialist explores the experimental side of sound with dense halftime non-beats and even denser sound design.

In the artists’ own words, “our general musical idea (with Arigto) is to create a line between chaos and order. This line is not fixed and might move constantly within the extremes. With this project, we found a way to transmit this idea quite adequately. We don’t want to take away any interpretations, so we want to leave the rest as open as possible.” Arigto’s sound is indeed open to interpretation on Blind Immaterialist, and probably should be more felt and experienced than analyzed or interpreted.

Going through the songs one after the other it does sort of feel like one is plunged into darkness, blind with nothing but sound touch as senses to navigate a sort oubliette of music where a sound could just as well be bouncing off the walls as right in front of you. Eventually the sound takes over so much that where it’s coming from is immaterial. It seems that within Blind Immaterialist, one could easily lose oneself; it’s just up to the listener whether this total immersion turns sublime or drives one mad.

It’s hard to separate single tracks from each other in the constant cacophony of sound that is this EP but building on the theme of perception and perspective that it almost forces, our Your EDM premiere “Deformed Perception” seems definitely to be a microcosm of that same point. The sounds in this track seem truly to be coming from every which way, with dense, ambient sound design at the base of it. If one pays attention to the dark, heavy bass sounds this track could be perceived as sinister or even scary. However just above there are points of light everywhere, creating melody and chaos at once and giving a much more emotive and uplifting quality. Between those two points is real perception; what will it take to experience it?

Arigto poses the question of perception and many more in Blind Immaterialist but it seems the hope is to shut down all questioning and all grasping at straws of perception and give over to pure experience. It’s a trippy idea but with music this complex and analysis-resistant, it seems to be the best option. Will it be sublime or will it drive us mad?

Blind Immaterialist releases tomorrow, March 22 on DIVISION. Check out Beatport for purchase and the DIVISION Soundcloud for more streaming tracks.

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