Your EDM Premiere: CROMATIK Hits Extra Heavy with “Dead Space” VIP [LISTEN]


CROMATIK‘s “Dead Space” VIP is here, bringing underground dubstep to the forefront today via 40oz Cult.


The “Dead Space” VIP from CROMATIK rocks a mean double drop, moving from slow, steady blasts into a sped up riddim groove that takes no prisoners. The change up is everything, as CROMATIK provides a world of sound in each phrase of this relentless banger.

As demonstrated here, CROMATIK offers the bass community a sound that hits differently and extra heavy. This Texas-based dubstep producer serves up some of the most unique, glitchy, computer-based sounds out there — which we’re almost positive can be heard from outer space.

Check out “Dead Space” VIP here, out now on 40oz Cult. Don’t forget to link up below.


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