Your EDM Premiere: BMotion’s Laser ‘Focus’ on Viper

Viper artist BMotion has been focusing on collabs so far this year but his first solo track of 2019 was worth the wait. “The Focus” is a heady combination of liquid-like vocals and melodies with a steppy beat and even some neuro-inspired synths. Another great style mash-up for BMotion and Viper.


With the trend of combining styles and subgenres heating up this year, it’s important that these crossover styles aren’t just done for the sake of it because if producers get too focused on jamming a lot of elements into one tracks, the cleanliness or production and sound design can suffer. Luckily, BMotion has been crossing subgenre lines pretty much his whole career and he seems to have a knack for making all the elements in a track work together to create a sound that’s not only clean but is truly unifying. Such is the case with “The Focus.”

The intro to “The Focus” is minimal but not necessarily simple. The “focus” vocal sample comes out of an ambient space which contains some white noise that makes the track sound like it’s being played on vinyl, a clear nod to the original DnB format. A melody that will eventually will be secondary to the main synth swells in before the vocal track pierces all this carefully designed sound. Said main synth meets up with the female vox and the stanza is suddenly filled with sound before the drop even happens. The vox and synths alternate as the drum track and the harmony carry the song along through the break and to a slightly louder and punchier finish.

Being more all-inclusive with creating tracks is helping to break down the “subgenre wars” and get fans focusing on drum and bass as a whole again, and BMotion is definitely a master at doing just that. As definite festival anthem, “The Focus” will help to get heads focusing on the right things in DnB once again.

“The Focus” is out tomorrow, May 24 and can be pre-ordered or pre-saved.

via: youredm

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