Your EDM Premiere: Blake Webber, KA5SH, Ushi Qute – Weird Flex But OK

Just in time for what is sure to be a wild art car experience at EDC, voice over comedian and social media influencer Blake Webber is dropping a new song full of cultural references ranging from the ’00s up to today with the title, “Weird Flex But Okay.” No matter which era of the internet you grew up with there is bound to be something in the video that reminds you of childhood. Whether it’s the “walking the dog” yo-yo trick at the beginning, the references to Kylie Jenner, Harry Potter Hypogryphs, or Fyre Fest, there is bound to be something in the video that will bring you back and make you laugh. For me, the best throwback was actually right in the opening lyrics. I don’t know if “Oh my god Ka5sh look at that flex” is supposed to sound like a reference to “Oh my god Becky look at her butt,” but as someone who grew up singing along to Sir Mix A Lot long before it was age appropriate, it caught my attention.


The video also features EDM vocalist Kaleena Zanders under the alias Ushi Qute (ooh she cute) and was produced the lovely VenessaMichaels who drops in for a cameo. Check out the brand new music video below and I dare you to not get the lyrics stuck in your head.

For those of you getting ready to head out to EDC, be sure to check out the Wide Awake Art Car on Sunday at 3:30 AM. Blake’s EDM project, Double Dare, will be throwing down for some crazy and kooky fun. You can also check out more of Kaleena when she drops in during Bijou’s set at stereoBLOOM to perform.

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