Your EDM Playlist: Maztek’s Top 9 Rave Tunes ‘4 The Ravers’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that’s devoid of neurofunk for the past couple of months, you’ll already know that Maztek released a new EP on his 0101 imprint last week. The 4 The Ravers EP is a fun, party-forward release meant to be an homage to all the rave bass that has come before. What the EP accomplished was to really show that, despite all the subgenre and generational bickering, there really has been a natural progression of rave music over the years and that is why he can make an album like this.

4 The Ravers does much more than showcase the progression in rave music, of course. It’s also given the DnB community an insight into the progression of Maztek’s own style, which seems to get more interesting, innovative and downright fierce with every release. Rave music history may have been his inspiration for this EP, but the composition, crazy breaks and impeccable sound design are uniquely Maztek.

Since this EP is largely about rave, we wondered what other Ravey McRavepants tracks Maztek looks to for inspiration other than those named in 4 The Ravers. He came back with a great list of rave classics that know no space and no time and will eternally be tracks ravers can jam out to. Here they are, in no particular order, Maztek’s top ravey rave tracks, 4 The Ravers. Rave on.

The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)

I couldn’t not mention The Prodigy after what happened (with Keith Flint’s suicide last week), they are an icon of the rave culture and it is a big loss for all of us. This remix is definitely one of my all time favorites when it comes to drum and bass remixes.

Konflict – Messiah (Noisia Remix)

I Know this is pretty obvious but this tune is a symbol for my generation of drum and bass ravers. Who did not like or does not like to rave hard with this tune?

Maztek – Wrecktified

This is the first tune of my new EP. I love to play it  and I love to dance to it. I remember when I made this tune I had a few friends at my house that night and we had fun listening to it. Sometimes it is hard to like your own music especially when you spent many hours producing it but this is not the case with this track.

Maztek – Babylon

At the very beginning I was not sure if I wanted to put this tune in the EP but my girlfriend was dancing hard on it and I was like okay wow let me try this out at a rave…Well the whole room started twerking on it! I was not expecting it would go off that way!

Optiv & BTK – Shredder (Inward, Hanzo & Randie aka IHR Remix)

This tune is just fun and I love the vibes. Optiv and BTK are good friends of mine and I released IHR on subculture, my first label, back in the days. I saw them evolving and they are killing it at the moment.

Maztek & Aeph – The Dirt

This tune is from my last album. I love this and I loved making it with Simone Aeph. It always goes off and the forthcoming Merikan remix even more. I’ve been playing many of my tunes in DJ sets lately so I am sorry to mention so many but this is what I am raving on at the moment!

Mefjus – Divergence

I like many tunes from his last album but this one really impressed me. I love the continuous hypnotic flow.

Gridlok – Insecticide

this is one of my all time favorites from my friend Ryan. Pure style!

Gydra – Bass Must Go On

I had to mention one of their tunes the guys are killing it at the moment!

Maztek’s 4 The Ravers EP is out now on 0101 on a Beatport exclusive.

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