Your EDM Playlist: A.M.C’s Favorite EDC Bangers

Now that the dust has cleared from the desert melee that is known as EDC Vegas, one of the sets from the Basspod that everyone keeps talking about was that of A.M.C and Turno. It was both highly anticipated and did not disappoint. But what, then, were the favorite tracks both played and heard by the Basspod darlings and wouldn’t you like to hear them and relive that magical night?


Luckily A.M.C has put together a playlist for that very purpose and because it was such an epic set, it really needs no further introduction from the peanut gallery here at Your EDM. So here it is, A.M.C’s playlist of favorite tracks both that he played and that he heard at EDC:

Mind The Gap – A.M.C

First sampler from my album ENERGY (out late September) and its still one of my favs. Does damage where ever I play it which I’m really happy about because that was the intention when I was making it.

Mash Up The Place (A.M.C Remix) – Riot Ten  

This remix kinda went under the radar a little. Was nice to do a remix for Riot Ten on Dim Mak. I tailored the remix to suit the American market and it certainly seems to have done the trick.

Tap Ho ( A.M.C Remix Pointless VIP) – TC

The remix that put me on the production map really. Forever grateful that TC let me do it and its been in peoples sets ever since. I called this VIP I did the “Pointless VIP” because essentially its just that. Same as the original remix but with less drums in places, longer bass notes and extra bass stabs for good measure.

Ebony Dubsters – Ra

Very old track this but for some reason has worked its way back into my set. Ebony Dubsters were Shy FX and T-Power and this really was the tune that put that name out there. It so simple as well, I think that’s why it works so well.

Boundaries VIP – A.M.C & Turno

Little VIP I did of Boundaries by myself and Turno. I originally made it for when I was playing after Turno at a show in Birmingham UK just to surprise him. It drops like the original but then takes a twist. Its a proper curve ball.

Courier – A.M.C

The sampler off the ENERGY album that has just been released. First made when I was playing in Vienna Austria this track almost wrote its self. The 16 before the drop originally had a big drum build up but I accidentally bounced it with out the drums once and thought it sounded so good with out them I decided to stick with it.

Look Out – A.M.C

Heavy techy slammer I wrote for my ENERGY LP. Tune came together when I was really angry about something (I cant remember what now). I think you can hear the anger in the drop.

Kanine – Want You

I like to play energetic tunes (hence the LP name) and Want You by Kanine is one of those tracks. Hes a lovely bloke as well and I’m so happy things are going well for him.

Vendetta (A.M.C & Turno Remix VIP) – DC Breaks 

Again another VIP I made just before one of the shows. This came together when one of the plugins glitched just before the drop so I re-recorded it back in and built the rest of it around it. Cant seem to stop playing this. Goes off every time.

Warthog – Simula

Tune is a beast! Apparently he wrote it just before a festival we have in the UK called Westfest. First time I played this it went off and still does.

A.M.C’s “Courier” teaser single for the upcoming album ENERGY is out now on his Titan imprint.

via: youredm

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