Your EDM exclusivity: Noisia and Invisible redraw the "outlines" of low music again

Noisia’s Invisible Footprint still offers a dark and deep exit for the world of drums and bass before the end of 2018 with the third edition of the Outlines series. It features deep, dark, creaky, thrilling tracks from Hybris, Arclight, The Outsiders, Rizzle, Ground and Subtension. The last name on this list is our exclusive on the day of release, with a title entitled “Left to Decay”, and it is certainly a highlight.

While all the tracks in Outlines 3 follow the Invisible pattern of deep and dark, most of them are also a tribute to darkstep or have a lot of technicalities. Subtension’s “Left to Decay”, however, shows that dark, deep tracks do not have to follow the same techy or snaresy vibrations. This is actually the most vague definition of drums and bass, with a lot of experimental elements and a melodic atmosphere.

“Left to Decay” opens with a sinusoidal structure with advanced technology and a sample of aircraft. The intro integrates the rhythmic synths and organs that create the main melody, but there is no real perceptible drop. There is a second melody composed of a guitar sound and that remains the only thing left at the break.

The second drop is more obvious, but at the beginning of the final section, another obvious thing is that the time has been reversed. Listening to this track, we can even say that it is even possible that Subtension simply returned the entire track back and paused to connect. A DnB palindrome, if you want. He plays the same backwards as before. Anyway, it’s pretty, interesting and definitely puts into question the notion of depth of drums and bass.

All pieces of Outlines 3 are worth the name Invisible and really deserve to be listened to. Hyrbis’ “Unpleasant Pheasant” from Back Not Not is just as wacky and vibrant as the EP, while Ground’s “Swindle” is a pseudo-techy piece with scattered rhythms, with many amplified synths. The Outsiders’ “Dialtones” is strange, melodic and confines itself on a thick liquid track, while Arclight and Rizzle emit serious dark and technological fusion vibrations on their respective tracks “Incarnation” and “Murderous”. So, despite the fact that Outlines focuses on deep drum and bass, there is always something for every type of basshead on this EP. More than worth listening to and cop.

Outlines 3 is available today, Dec. 21, on Invisible and can be listened to or purchased on multiple platforms here.

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