Young Bombs Talk About New Music and Wearing Helmets

Canadian duo Young Bombs are coming into their own in a lot of ways in 2019. Before becoming a duo, members Martin Kottmeier and Tristan Norton were once members of an indie-rock outfit during the late 2000s. Later, Kottmeier and Norton left the group to form a new electronic music project which became Young Bombs.


Debuting with their own take on “You” by Galantis, the duo have expanded their catalogue of remixes. This includes remixes of pop stars like Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Charli XCX, Troye Sivan, and Nick Jonas to electronic stars like the Chainsmokers, Kygo, Alan Walker, Gryffin, and Dada Life. But after over five years of remixing, Young Bombs have released their debut single “Starry Eyes” garnering the duo a lot more attention.

Recently they played at Ultra Music Festival and released their entire set for fans to listen to. We caught up with the duo after their set to see what the two have in store for 2019.

Is this your first Miami Music Week?

Martin: No this is our second. It’s our first Ultra in Miami Music Week, but not our first Music Week.

How would you say the Miami Music Week experience is different from the Ultra Music Festival experience?

Martin: I think that the biggest difference is that we just got off from playing the Main Stage and it’s something that we’ve dreamt of playing for about four or five years. So it’s definitely like a BIG accomplishment for us.

Tristan: He made a dream board about four years ago and it was to play Ultra’s Main Stage so it felt like, wow, we made it.

Martin: Meanwhile, we’ve probably been to every party that’s happened in Miami.

Tristan: Yeah, like we were to Hyde yesterday where we saw Chris Lake and Major Lazer. We got to meet the Fat Jew, we got a photo with him, and we recreated our “Starry Eyes” artwork with the three of us  holding each other and looking off into the distance. We looked straight out of Dirty Dancing.

Talking about “Starry Eyes,” how did that song come about?

Martin: It’s a song that we instinctively wanted to make for a long time. We love that kind of pitched up hyper-soul like old Kanye [West] records. That type of thing is the kind of sound that we always wanted to put into a track of ours. You know, with big brass section and keep that kind of 80’s sound that we’ve been using in our remixes and just mash it all together.

Tristan: And lyrically, we were just happy with how it came out because people already came out and writing to us. I think somebody on YouTube wrote something like, “I’m having the worst day and this song just brought me back to life.” And I’m here like, “Cool! That’s something we made!” It means a lot and we’re seeing kids sing it in the crowds now. So I’m overwhelmed with the response.

Martin: It’s a goosebumps feeling when you people singing your song back to you.

I’m sure. I mean the song has such a jovial energy. Even if you’re feeling down, it can shoot you right back up.

Tristan: “Jovial” is the perfect word to describe it.

Martin: That’s some strong vernacular.

Tristan: We’re going to start using that in the rest of our interviews from now on. [laughs]

Use it please! It’s a great way to describe a lot of your productions. But not necessarily all of them as you have a lot of variety in between your remixes and “Starry Eyes.” Much like your latest remix of “Love Me Back” between RITUAL and Tove Styrke. What was your thoughts on the original and what was your goal of your remix to it.

Tristan: We’re just suckers for sad songs. When we heard the original, we were like, “Fuck, this just cuts to the core.” We had just finished doing a few 100bpm-trap stuff, we did a Chainsmokers remix earlier in the year, so we’ve been riding that sound a bit with that tempo. It was one of those things where we just knew when we hit the first piano chord we were like, “Okay, we know where this is going.” You know what I mean? And when you have that kind of vision where you can almost see the endline, it’s just the most satisfying thing because you’re not beating yourself to death about it.

Martin: [Tristan] said it perfectly!

What about new projects? Are there any new singles or collaborations on the horizon for this year?

Tristan: What are we allowed to say? [chuckles]

Martin: We do have a lot on the way. We’re going to try to release a song every for to six weeks and keep the content flowing. We’re sitting on a ton of unreleased music right now and we’re just so excited. We actually dropped our upcoming second single today for the first time and the crowd response was amazing. So we’re hyped on that.

Tristan: We’re going for late April for the release of that single.

Excellent. And finally as you guys are Vancouver locals born and raised and you’ve been to Miami now a couple of times, what is something that you’ve only seen in Miami from working or partying here?

Tristan: Um…I see a lot of people driving to the Will Smith song “Welcome to Miami” and I’m thinking to myself, “That’s what you do?” Like imagine a song called “Vancouver” and blasting it all over Vancouver.

Martin: [laughs]

Tristan: That would be kind of weird. But I like it. I’m just so glad that you guys are so proud.

Martin: Another thing that just trips me out is that North of the Wall where we are from you have to wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle. Here, I look around the street and people are just ripping down the street, no helmet.

The way it’s enforced down here is weird. I’ve see signs about getting fined for not wearing a helmet while driving or riding on a motorcycle, but people still just go out sans helmet.

Martin: So there is a law, right?

Oh yeah. There is a law. But, you know, it’s Miami.

Tristan: I like how you said North of the Wall, like we’re White Walkers from Game of Thrones.

Martin: Yeah, like we haven’t seen the sun in years.

Tristan: Yeah, and like we thaw out when we come here.

And you guys will be ready for the new season when it drops, which is right around the corner, right?

Martin: Exactly!

Tristan: Yes!

Make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming releases Young Bombs have in store. Check out their latest single “Starry Eyes” out now and their Ultra Music Festival set.

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