You Won’t Believe What Afrojack and Steve Aoki Just Released! Two Epic Afroki Tracks: “Save My Soul” and “Diss You”

When longtime friends come together to make music, you can always expect a hit. After dropping their first Afroki track in March, Afrojack and Steve Aoki have teamed up once again for two brand new singles, “Save My Soul” and “Diss You.”

Out now via Dim Mak, both tracks dive deep into both artists’ roots, embodying the mainstage-ready sound for which they’re both beloved. “Save My Soul” is the more anthemic song of the two, beautifully incorporating Jordan Grace’s stunning vocals into a driving beat with wriggling synths.

“Diss You” is bound to be a fan-favorite. The duo have cooked up a high-energy track with a pounding bassline that guides us from start to finish, something that’ll effortlessly keep the dancefloor moving all night long this summer.