You never knew about CBD oil

Haven’t got yourself some CBD oil yet? You may well be in the minority. Just a decade ago, upon uttering those three little letters, you would no doubt have been met with a sea of blank stares, but these days, thanks to its versatility in treating all manner of conditions ranging from inflammation and chronic pain to depression and anxiety, it’s practically a household name.

This often-misunderstood natural remedy has fast become a favourite alternative to pharmaceutical treatments, particularly amongst those who are looking to avoid any unwanted side effects, and is readily available for purchase in health food shops and online, making it an easily attainable choice for anyone to try.

CBD oil has won itself a legion of loyal fans thanks to its efficacy in treating such a vast array of conditions, but there are some things we bet you didn’t know it could be used for. Prepare to be surprised!

Keep your dog calm

dog in car

Thought CBD oil was just for human consumption? Think again. It isn’t just effective in treating your own anxiety, but has also been shown to help nervous pets, and an increasing number of people are turning to the remedy to help keep their anxious dogs feeling calm and relaxed – with many companies now specifically making special blends of CBD oil for dogs.

But it doesn’t end there, and just as CBD can be used to treat your own physical ailments, the same applies for your pooch, too, and many also find it useful for the likes of skin conditions and allergies – however, it is inadvisable to start treating your pet without consulting your vet first, since additional research is still needed to determine whether CBD is truly effective in helping pets, and indeed, whether it is safe.

One study, which explored CBD oil as a potential treatment for epilepsy in dogs, was promising, with 89 per cent of dogs who received the treatment experiencing a reduction in seizures – however, it’s still too soon to know for certain if this is a safe way to address the issue long-term.

Enhancing your sex life

CBD oil offers many benefits, but one you might not have heard of yet is that it could have the power to enhance your sex life! Whilst many would be embarrassed to head to their GP or their pharmacy to request treatment or enhancers, CBD oil is an over-the-counter option that anyone who is over 18 can buy, no questions asked – making it an attractive prospect for anyone who is a little shy.

So, how exactly does CBD impact your time in the bedroom? First off, it reduces pain, which can be helpful for women who experience discomfort – something which is far more common than you might expect. And, perhaps more interestingly, since it also boosts serotonin levels, it can lead to more intense orgasms, too.

CBD is also an efficient and natural treatment for men suffering with erectile disfunction due to its ability to repair damaged tissue and increase blood flow to the area, as well as ridding the body of a toxin called dioxin, which is known to contribute to the condition.

It doesn’t end there though – because CBD has also been shown to boost lasting power, too. One study showed that men reported lasting around 31 per cent longer after taking a dose of CBD oil beforehand.

Quitting smoking

While some might find this ironic given the automatic associations people make with CBD oil and cannabis, CBD oil has been shown to be effective in helping smokers to stamp out their habit. Research has found that the nicotine found in cigarettes interacts significantly with the endocannabinoid system, and the use of CBD oil can effectively put a stop to cravings because of its ability to replace these interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

In one double-blind study, it was found that those who were given CBD oil smoked 40 per cent less than those who were administered a placebo – although further research still needs to be done to determine just how effective it is long-term.

CBD oil, it seems, really is the magic bullet many people have been looking for – but be sure to consult your GP or vet before use to ensure that this is safe.