You Can Now Add Music To Your Facebook Profile Like You Did On MySpace


One of the coolest things about MySpace was the ability to add a song to your profile that would auto-play when anyone visited your page. It was your own badge of singular identity, even though only a handful of songs were typically chosen to be represented and regularly went viral.


In the modern age, Facebook reigns — and it’s quiet. However, a new beta feature being rolled out to select accounts this weekend lets users at least pick a featured song to share on their profile. News of this integration first broke October 2018, but a new batch of users suddenly saw the feature go live on their page this weekend.

The problem, of course, is that very few people actually go on their own profile pages, let alone scroll down in search of new tiles they can edit. Another problem, though it’s less of a problem and more of a main difference between Facebook and MySpace, is that the new function won’t auto-play the song you choose. In fact, most people would probably consider that an improvement.

Many users still won’t see the feature, but you might be one of the few! Go on your Facebook profile and scroll down to find out.


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