You Are Encanto from the project Zipten

A Italian music producer has come up with a project called ‘Zipten’. The track showcased in the electronic genre is called ‘(You Are) Encanto’. A gifted music producer who has in the genre of electronic music who has dished out the brilliant music project called ‘Zipten’. In the music project by the talented Italian composer and producer, a breathtaking track from 2019 has been highlighted called the ‘(You Are) Encanto’. The composer always had an unwavering passion for music.

He started by learning guitar during his teenage years. His affinity towards both music and technology drew him closer to the digital universe and made him understand the nitty-gritty of music production. He is a versatile person who composes songs from different genres and produces them. He is generally into creating instrumental tracks. You could log on to major platforms like YouTube to watch his music videos.

The stupendous producer has come up with the ‘Zipten’ project where you can find the number ‘(You Are) Encanto’. Through the project, the composer took the listeners on a terrific journey and takes them to a world of imagination. You can check out the Instagram profile of the composer to catch a glimpse of his shared updates. You could plug into trending music streaming apps like Spotify and Soundcloud to listen to the incredible tracks by the master producer.

The track ‘(You Are) Encanto’, it is attributed to life. The electro instrumental track will drive you crazy and take you to a surreal dream-like world. One will pass through various eclectic emotions, fascinating sensations and brilliant images as the track creates a chequered aura in the soundscape. The tremendous energy and the riveting happy vibes and superlative cinematography of the video highlight the exquisite essence of life. Nature throws up a plethora of colors like the beauty of feelings and relations making it even more relatable. You could log on to his Twitter handle and start an impromptu gabfest.

Zipten – (You Are) Encanto (Official Music Video)

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