YOOKiE Share ID-Filled B2B With Excision From Bass Canyon

Excision wrapped up the second annual Bass Canyon at the Gorge this past weekend, and what a show it was. The northwest festival has become much more than just a precursor to Lost Lands, sporting three days and camping and its own stellar lineup. To end the festival this year, Excision sported a Spotlight B2B with a group of rising stars including Chime, Jantsen, Jessica Audifred, Ubur, and more.

Among the group was YOOKiE who just uploaded their 10-minute section in the mix and it is just slam packed with ID after ID after ID. It’s not exactly out of the norm for the duo, but the density of the mix and the setting definitely make for a more intense listening experience. If you’ve ever had any doubts about seeing YOOKiE live, this should help with that. Check it out below!

Photo via Fadewood Live for Bass Canyon