YOOKiE And HEKLER Collide On Heavy Hitter “Wraith”


As the worlds of YOOKiE and Hekler collide, fans are salivating at the idea of what these two have created. Delivering one of the most hectic collaborations of the year, “Wraith” requires your attention immediately. Releasing on Never Say Die, this excruciating record aims to destroy the upcoming festival season. Continuously setting the standard, these two goliaths in their respective genres are packing a punch with the release of “Wraith.” Listen to “Wraith” below.

“Hekler has been one of our favorite producers for a while now. Super stoked we finally got to make a banger with him.” – YOOKiE
“The YOOKiE boys are legends, glad we made a hit together!”. – Hekler

YOOKiE & Hekler – Wraith