Y Balloon – Mockingbird

Los Angeles- based producer Y Balloon just dropped his debut single, “Mockingbird.” Rooted in a mantra of mindfulness, this joint is the freshman single to his forthcoming JOMO EP. JOMO, an acronym for the “Joy Of Missing Out” is Y Balloon’s inaugural feat in the dance music industry. “Mockingbird” is beautiful, looming feat. As Y Balloon cuts his teeth with his first ever single, fans can also enjoy the chilling visual parallel that showcases the artist perched in a desert valley playing an electronic keyboard as a dancer moves like silk around him. A bold message, a striking video, and clean composition gives rise to an exciting act to watch this year. JOMO is set to release in June, stay tuned for more from Y Balloon.

“Last year, while visiting the Galapagos, I recorded this mockingbird singing. Mockingbirds in the Galapagos have lost their ability to mimic but still have a beautiful song. For ten days, we had no access to internet or phones and explored one of the most beautiful places on earth. I started this song while there (you’ll hear the mockingbird in the song!) and can’t believe it’s finally out.”