Xie Delivers Sultry Melodic Tribal Trap Banger “Jungle Juice”

Over the past few years, rising LA-based producer Xie has been carving out a name for herself with her unique hybrid style. Back and ready to hit you with the first single from her forthcoming freshman Art & Money EP, Xie creates a spicy atmosphere on “Jungle Juice.” Driven by pulsing tribal beats and aggressive synths that hit you with the feeling of a house a party gone wild, “Jungle Juice” creates a mood where anything can happen.

I started “Jungle Juice” with the first four chords, it felt part emo but also uplifting. I thought about embracing the wild side, and how “crazy” spontaneous decisions in life can be good and healthy. The way you feel a few drinks in on that cocktail at the house party – when all the shit
you put on yourself and things that tear you down don’t matter.”- Xie

Stream “Jungle Juice” below and keep an eye out for her upcoming Art & Money EP, set to be released next spring.

Xie – Jungle Juice | Stream