X&G Deliver Destructive Losing Myself EP

Shortly after unveiling their lead single “Losing Myself,” rising duo X&G have delivered a full-fledged EP. The four-track EP is as destructive as you can imagine. Offering fans a fresh take on the bass house genre, the two producers reinvent the sound to make it their own and the level of production heard here far surpasses any expectations you might have. Featuring production cameos from Josh Pan and Nate Lowpass, this debut on Insomniac Records is surely one to remember. Stream X&G’s Losing Myself EP below.

We both put a lot of love into this EP and are super stoked how it turned out,” they add. “Each song feels different, yet similar. Combined, they make the X&G sound: a dark, shadowy, yet fun and energetic palette of sounds and atmosphere blurred together. It’s really fun to say ‘f**k the rules’ and create something new and undefinable. We’re just lost in the process and lost in our own world having fun with it and going with the energy. Shout out to everyone who was part of the process! – X&G

X&G – Losing Myself EP